Pandemics Are On The Rise

The Covid-19 has spread rapidly around the world. We have the medical supplies to protect you and your loved ones.

Certified & Approved

The market is flooded with many face masks that are not certified by the FDA.

Our products have passed rigorous testings and standards set by the FDA.

You can rest assure that our products will protect you and your loved ones.

Built Like A Tank

5 Layers is not joke.

We have made sure that our masks are built well.

You can be certain that our masks will stop the Coronavirus from getting into your airways.


While the timeline for engineering and producing our products was urgent, we still put many hours aside in order to make sure that our masks are comfortable for long periods of wear.

We made sure that our customers will not experiences any strains while wearing our masks.

Quantity Option:

 N95/KN95 Safety Face Mask | NIOSH & FDA Approved - The safety masks are approved and certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 

5 Layer Build | High density non-woven fabric that offers nano filtration. The N95/KN95 Safety Mask can protect you from viruses, air pollutants that ranges from pollen to construction dust.

Modified Strap and Lightweight Design makes your breathing easier. High Quality Elastic Straps makes it comfortable to wear for a long time

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